Delivering excellent services
-focused on customers

What is DGS?

William Demant is the umbrella for a number of independent companies within hearing care and treatment of hearing loss. These companies each have their unique position and focus.

DGS is the new identity for the internal service organisation in William Demant, aiming to perform a number of functions that cut across businesses, including IT, Finance, HR, Production, Quality and Logistics. Like William Demant, DGS does not in itself operate any business, but merely aims to offer important business support services in an efficient and professional manner.

DGS functions across the world play an important role in supporting the individual companies’ growth and thus growth in the entire William Demant Group. Like all other companies in William Demant, DGS has dedicated, motivated and highperforming employees who make a real everyday difference by providing excellent shared services and always staying focused on customer needs.